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FX Pricing Engine

The FX Pricing Engine:

Enables banks to become electronic liquidity providers

A real-time, streaming, rate-publishing API lets banks, brokers and other financial institutions, create and publish executable rates for foreign exchange spot, forwards, swaps and other symbol-based money market instruments to their clients. Orders can be filled and added to bank positions or executed back-to-back in the market.

The Pricing Pad allows for multiple windows, all with intuitive interfaces

Captures and streams real-time executable rates

The FX Pricing Engine features:

Enhances e-trading using Best Price and Spread engines

When an institution has more than one streaming executable rate feed, the Pricing Engine can process the full depth of the market to constantly and consistently find the best bid and offer, subject to powerful rate-staleness and validity filters. Rates can then be streamed through a spread engine, which applies spreads based on a pre-determined set of rules. The rules enable set-up of different spreads to different customers, based on currency pair, quantity, customer credit profile or any combination thereof.

Distributes prices via FIX API, White Label and ECNs

The FX Pricing Engine distributes proprietary rates to customers via FIX API, White Label and ECN channels, each of which can be managed and monitored separately.

Posts trades to the middle- or back-office e-treasury system

The FX Pricing Engine allows financial institutions to execute deals and export them to their back-office systems. When a deal execution request is received, highly configurable rules check the validity of the request by verifying the price against the market and the rates stored in the Pricing Engine's database. If the deal request is validated, the relevant information is then exported to any middle- or back-office treasury system. A separate confirmation message is then sent back to the client.