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XTX Markets, a leading electronic trading firm providing liquidity in the FX/Commodity/Equity/Derivatives markets, today announces that it has partnered with TraderTools as a streaming liquidity provider on its hosted FX trading platform. 


Jan Strømme, Head of e-FX sales at XTX Markets commented: “We are pleased to confirm this partnership with the TraderTools platform. It is an important step in our gaining access to select end-users via liquidity aggregators such as TraderTools. We will continue to look into partnerships with platform aggregators which complement our business model as we grow organically over the coming years”


Yaacov Heidingsfeld, TraderTools CEO commented: “Adding XTX Markets enhances both our alternative and relationship-based liquidity aggregation solution, the key elements to our core strategy.”


About XTX Markets: 

XTX Markets is a leading independent electronic trading firm partnering with exchanges/e-trading venues globally to provide liquidity in the FX/Commodity/Derivatives & Equity markets with a presence on 22 exchanges/ECN’s across 9 countries.


The company is an electronic market-maker operating to serve its clients, helping them to obtain the best prices possible through consistent liquidity provision, regardless of changing market conditions. XTX Markets actively engages with clients and regulators to improve the market ecology for the benefit of all participants and maintaining this open dialogue is crucial to the company’s success.


With a team of world-class technologists, applied academics and modern day entrepreneurs, XTX Markets partners with market participants rather than compete, to build long term relationships with clients, exchanges/ECN’s, regulators and the market at large. The company does not have a silo mentality with regard to products or front/back office – it is focused on team work and the people at XTX Markets collaborate on all aspects of the business, working openly and with respect for each other, clients and the wider market.




About TraderTools: 

TraderTools delivers the world’s most advanced FX trading platform.


Banks and brokerages use TraderTools as the foundation of their FX businesses, for quicker time to market, better execution and higher profit.


TraderTools delivers traditional (Bank), alternative (non-bank) and local market liquidity – with true relationship pricing – both price and execution aggregation – in an out-of-the-box SaaS solution.

Contact information:

Press contact:
Tim Moxon
Head of Marketing/Communications
+44 203198 3300


Product contact:
Jan Ivar Stromme
Head of e-FX Sales
+44 203198 3300

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