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TraderTools Inc. (www.tradertools.com), the eFXperts, today announced that additional native Ruble liquidity is now available on its Unique Liquidity Network.  This Ruble liquidity is in addition to emerging markets liquidity available from a network of local market making banks in Eastern European, Turkey, Scandinavia, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia streaming prices on the TraderTools Unique Liquidity Network.

Liquidity takers not looking to change platforms can integrate a single API into their existing platform, aggregating the best of local bank and non-bank liquidity from the Unique Liquidity Network.  By leveraging fully disclosed, true relationship pricing, with execution in both aggregated ad full amounts, more and more customers use TraderTools to access better liquidity, with better pricing.

The API is available to banks, brokers and the buy side. “TraderTools is leveraging relationships built over the last few years, by bringing natural market makers to a wider audience, distributed through the network of TraderTools customers. The combination of Local Bank and non-bank liquidity ensures best execution, with reduced market impact.” said Yaacov Heidingsfeld CEO, TraderTools.

“As best execution and TCA continue to be a focus in our marketplace, increased transparency, and depth of book, by participants who are quoting for business they want to win, benefits both sides of the transaction.” Heidingsfeld added.

About TraderTools

TraderTools delivers traditional (Bank), alternative (non-bank) and local market liquidity – with true relationship pricing – both price and execution aggregation – in an out-of-the-box SaaS solution. Banks brokerages and the buy-side, use TraderTools as the foundation of their FX businesses, for quicker time to market, better execution and higher profit.

TraderTools and the tagline “The eFXperts” are trademarks of TraderTools Inc.

Contact information:


Mark Mayerfeld, EVP, International Sales

Tel: +1-212-782-3550

E-mail: mark@tradertools.com

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