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 TraderTools announced today that Investec Bank has joined its Unique Liquidity Network (ULN™).  Through hosted facilities in both Equinix LD4 and Equinix NY4, the TraderTools ULN now consists of over 60 unique liquidity providers, making prices in G10 and emerging and underserved market currencies.


Using the ULN, Investec plans to provide its customers with improved pricing and execution, and to increase its reach within the electronic FX marketplace.


Access to the ULN by Investec customers will be via the TraderTools API, and through a wide variety of FX venues.

TraderTools’ dedicated team of FX client liquidity managers will use their advanced analytics and work closely with Investec to create multiple price streams that reflect individual client trading strategies.


“We are very excited to partner with Investec” said Mark Mayerfeld, Executive VP Sales for TraderTools.  “Investec understands the relationship nature of our market, and is adding valuable liquidity to the ULN. Tailored relationship pricing is the best way to optimise participants’ trading experience, with liquidity priced for business they want to win, which ultimately benefits the parties on both sides of the transaction.”


“I am excited to be working with TraderTools” said Demitri Theodosiou Head of FX Trading at Investec Bank plc. “Investec hold a niche in the market giving us an interesting profile in the electronic FX space. Firstly as a UK bank we have GBP based liquidity and a large client base. Secondly, we offer competitive pricing through economies of scale and credit reach, and last but not least our South African heritage provides us good flows and pricing in the emerging markets space, particularly ZAR.”



About TraderTools

TraderTools Unique Liquidity Network™ (ULN™) provides the FX market innovative technology solutions for liquidity access and distribution. The ULN™ is built upon tailored relationship pricing and cost effective credit solutions. TraderTools delivers a single source of aggregated liquidity where clients execute at a measurable best price.  The technology neutral ULN™ can be accessed through TraderTools proprietary or third party technology solutions.



About Investec

Investec is a distinctive specialist bank and asset manager, providing financial products and services, imbued with a personal approach, to a select client base in three principal markets: the UK and Europe, Southern Africa and Asia-Pacific. Investec was founded in South Africa in 1974. Today Investec employs more than 9,700 people worldwide and is publicly traded in London and Johannesburg. It operates businesses across Corporate & Institutional Banking, Private Banking, Wealth & Investment and Asset Management.


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