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In a January 25th FXStreet post, “Liquidity gaps going to be a major issue for FX market in 2015”, Sean Lee wrote, “What’s of more interest to me is what happens when conditions aren’t fine. When the market is caught heavily on one side of a trade and receives a sudden shock (like the SNB [on January 15th]). Bank dealing and prop desks aren’t there any more in any sort of numbers to pump liquidity in when the proverbial [____] hits the fan.”


That reminded me of an unsolicited call we received on January 16th from a global bank we are very involved with. The head of FX trading was ecstatic claiming that we saved his [___]: “Your platform kept on working when all the others didn’t, including single banks and ECNs. It performed amazingly and I will never forget it!”


It’s not often we get such positive feedback from this particularly demanding customer, so I warned him that his endorsement would have to go up on our site in some way – and here it is. The moral of the story – when it comes to FX trading platforms, make sure you choose the one that helps you mind the gaps!

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