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I noticed today that Saxo Bank announced it was launching a Trading Keypad.  I am kind of surprised that it didn’t already have one given how long they have been in the market.  Reflecting on this reminded me of the day we announced our own keypad in 2008 which is so far back it is no longer on our website’s list of press releases.  But have no fear, you can find lots of coverage of the announcement.  In fact it was the most covered event in TraderTools history.  Why you ask?  What is so significant about a keyboard (other than to the small cadre of traders who have been using it in production since that day)?  We were never quite sure but it was covered on the uber-geeky and popular blogsite Engadget.com with a very humorous original cartoon.  Read the text at the site along with the comments for a chuckle and a lesson in web marketing and great timing.  Now if we could only do that again!  Maybe we should announce our very popular USB giveaways or our really nice moleskin-ish notebooks we will be giving away at the London FX Week event in December (Come see us !).  But what would be our angle?  If you have any ideas let us know.

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