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Top Trading Opportunities for Institutional FX Market Participants in 2020/2021

By Drew Niv, TraderTools Investor
June 30 , 2020

EM + minor currencies: The USD, EUR, and JPY have continued to elude the econ 101 text book and print money without consequence. Insatiable global demand for safe haven paper has not abated and only grows with each crisis. Other currencies will not be so lucky. Minor currencies like the scandies as well as all […]

Emerging Markets & Credit in Times of COVID-19

By Drew Niv, TraderTools Investor
June 29 , 2020

Are emerging market institutions; banks, large corporations, etc. ready for the aftershocks of COVID-19? Not something that’s so easy to think about as the home currency gyrates around in crazy ranges with spreads blown out and economies remain on lock-down. But food for thought as the credit crisis may be on its way to more places […]

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