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By Aharon Haber, VP, Strategic Services, TraderTools
January 23 , 2013

This blog post in FT Alphaville caused me to reminisce about my early days as a “spreadsheet jockey” (our term for a developer of spreadsheet macros and functionality – more derogatory than complimentary) at a large investment bank.  While I had begun as a UNIX developer I, along with many of my colleagues, ended up spending […]

Psi up the Yen Yang

By Aharon Haber, VP, Strategic Services, TraderTools
January 3 , 2013

What does the extreme move in USD/JPY have to do with Psi’s Gangnam Style video?   Don’t know but you wont find it here.  Alls I know is its not every day I get a reason (however shameless) to link to the most popular YouTube video of all time

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