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The FSFDF mystery part II

By Aharon Haber, VP, Strategic Services, TraderTools
October 28 , 2012

The Forex Swaps Forwards Dodd-Frank mystery remains as foggy as ever since this post. However, this post quotes a “banking industry source” saying the Treasury will resume its push to exempt fx forwards and swaps after the November 6 election. A “banking industry source” (the same one?) said it expected action by the end of the year consistent with […]

Hoping for a Swift Settlement

By Oleg Goldshmidt, Director of Research, TraderTools
October 19 , 2012

Am I the only one still confused whether FX forwards and swaps will be exempt from the various regulatory requirements under Frank and Dodd? It does not really matter whether the compliance deadline is already in the past (Oct 12, 2012) or still in the future (Jan 1, 2013) – what are we all supposed […]

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