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Market Data, TCA and Arrows

By Yaacov Heidingsfeld, CEO
New York,NY August 29 , 2016

In an article published today by Eva Szalay in FX Week ( the suggestion is made that FX trading venues are focusing on market data in order to provide themselves with a competitive edge. I would argue that is an example of the tail wagging the dog.   With numerous new offerings from both established […]

Top Trading Opportunities for Institutional FX Market Participants in 2020/2021

By Drew Niv, TraderTools Investor
June 30 , 2020

EM + minor currencies: The USD, EUR, and JPY have continued to elude the econ 101 text book and print money without consequence. Insatiable global demand for safe haven paper has not abated and only grows with each crisis. Other currencies will not be so lucky. Minor currencies like the scandies as well as all […]

Emerging Markets & Credit in Times of COVID-19

By Drew Niv, TraderTools Investor
June 29 , 2020

Are emerging market institutions; banks, large corporations, etc. ready for the aftershocks of COVID-19? Not something that’s so easy to think about as the home currency gyrates around in crazy ranges with spreads blown out and economies remain on lock-down. But food for thought as the credit crisis may be on its way to more places […]

After years of growth, FX markets brace for contraction

By Financial News, Joel Clark
London, England August 4 , 2016

Many believe the Bank for International Settlements survey to be released in September, which is conducted every three years, will show volumes having fallen. Definitive data isn’t easy to find on the size of the foreign exchange market. There are many ways of trading currencies globally, and unlike equities trading there’s no central point at […]

Jane Foley: Downside Open for Pound on ‘Political Chasm’

By Bloomberg News,
June 27 , 2016

Biggest challenge is who will lead??? Not When Article 50 gets triggered.

Should last look have a last look?

By Yaacov Heidingsfeld, CEO
December 22 , 2015

Interesting conversation among technology vendors, market makers, and market oversight organizations about “last look”.   The FT in an article on December 17th 2015, is titled “Forex investors ready to bid farewell to ‘last look’ abuses” ( It’s not as simple as investors saying goodbye. Case in point, the Bank of England was unable to decide […]

Liquidity Mirage?

By Yaacov Heidingsfeld, CEO
December 3 , 2015

Another day of large moves. Liquidity Providers complaining about seeing flow from multiple channels simultaneously. Participants complaining about gaps in pricing, and shortages of liquidity. The FX market has a current problem of liquidity mirage, but the very same market participants who complain about it are the very same people who are responsible for creating it. […]

Spreads need to widen to boost liquidity

By Yaacov Heidingsfeld, CEO
14th annual FX Week Europe conference December 2 , 2015

Spreads have to widen and we have to get used to it. No one wants to be first, but somebody will have to do it. Once spreads widen and market participants can cover their costs of risk, communication and regulation, then we will see the banks who have pulled back from market-making come back and […]

CEO thoughts on why FX needs better policy synchronization and trading transparency

By Ian Tick, Director of Marketing, TraderTools
April 2 , 2015

In the April 2015 edition of e-FOREX, Richard Willsher addresses the uncertainty over the future course of regulation and whether more trading malpractice may come to light to continue to cloud the foreign exchange market. TraderTools CEO Yaacov Heidingsfeld shares his thoughts, below.

Mind the Gaps

By Mark Mayerfeld, EVP International Sales, TraderTools
January 29 , 2015

In a January 25th FXStreet post, “Liquidity gaps going to be a major issue for FX market in 2015”, Sean Lee wrote, “What’s of more interest to me is what happens when conditions aren’t fine. When the market is caught heavily on one side of a trade and receives a sudden shock (like the SNB [on January 15th]). Bank dealing and prop desks aren’t there any more in any sort of numbers to pump liquidity in when the proverbial [____] hits the fan.”

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