The TraderTools ULN™ connects buyers and sellers in emerging and under-serviced FX markets by bridging liquidity and credit gaps in a rapidly changing marketplace, through algorithm-based self-learning algorithms.

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TraderTools is built by traders, for traders.

1:1 Relationship pricing

P&L improvement of $75-$100 per $1M of flow via the delivery of our 1:1 relationship pricing. Many-to-one ensures maximum profitability, whereas competitors offer many-to-many pricing.

Better fill ratios

Relationship prices lead to superior fill ratios (≥95%), which lead to greater profitability. This feature is driven by our smart order routing algorithm, whose behavior is influenced not just by price, but also by past performance.

Decreased slippage

Improved pricing via quality relationship liquidity and better fill ratios lead to better execution, resulting in less slippage. We provide greater visibility and intelligence throughout the entire FX trading cycle.

More profit

Users can adapt to the product effortlessly. By continuously matching supply and demand for the best prices, and the best executions, they benefit from increased profits.

our core


Unique 1:1 relationship pricing, across traditional bank and alternative liquidity providers enabling quoting for the business they want to win.


Providing both price and execution aggregation with self-learning, order routing algorithms that ensure continual access to best price.


Ultra low-latency smart order router with measurable and proven price improvement of $75-100/million.

Order management

All orders are monitored to your relationship pricing, eliminating slippage between customer order fills and the trades to hedge them, with GUI and API input, and robust follow-the-sun workflow.

Industry leaders choose us

"TraderTools was the only service that was not charging LPs. This was important for us because when LPs get charged they just widen the spread."

—- Francesco Castiglione, Executive Director, UBP

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Unparalleled visibility into the entire FX trading business Higher fill ratios, less slippage, and more profit Intelligent and highly intuitive platform
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